11/08/05 A Dog Murderer Finally on Trial!

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Animal Friends announces the beginning of the trial against Ostoja Babic

On Tuesday, November 8, at 10:30 A.M. at Municipal court in Vrbovec, Trg Petra Zrinskog 22, room 11/2, the first hearing of Ostoja Babic trial is scheduled. The judge Mrs. Jasna Zoretic will preside the court.

A reminder: On Saturday, December 4, 2004, around 11 A.M., a 19-year-old called the police and reported his neighbor who was beating up his dog in his front yard. When the police arrived at the scene, they confirmed that Ostoja Babic (66 years old) simultaneously beat and stabbed his own dog in the head and body with a half-meter long iron bar, a pitchfork and an axe for over an hour. One of the policemen mercifully shot the fataly injured dog, which, according to the neighbors, was screaming in pain. After that, the dog owner buried his dog in his back yard.

Ostoja Babic showed no regret or remorse for the crime he committed, and the reason he gave for the brutal beating up of ithe nnocent mutt was that "She didn't guard my home well enough," eaning she didn't bark at passers-by but happily wagged her tail when someone entered his front yard: "I realized she's of no use to me so I beat her up to death. I don't need such a dog."

Animal Friends reacted at this evil deed by staging a home demo in front of Ostoja Babic's house in Crnovecka ulica 3 in Pescenica and by launching a petition for which more than 2,400 signatures were collected in less than a week, which our organization handed to the State Attorney of the City of Zagreb.

Animal Friends hopes that with this scheduled hearing a historical moment is approaching, since no one has been punished in Zagreb on the grounds of animal cruelty so far. Thus the voice of many embittered citizens, which month after month contacted our organization with a demand that justice must be served and Ostoja Babic properly punished, will also be heard.



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