06/02/05 Against Cruelty in Circuses

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Animal Friends, Plavi planet (Blue Planet) and Z.V.U.K. invite you to a demo against cruelty in circuses

Animal Friends, supported by associations SEP Plavi planet , Z.V.U.K., and compassionate people, organizes protests in front of circus Gärtner in Sibenik on Thursday, June 2, 2005, at 5:30 and 8:00 P.M., that is, about half an hour before the circus shows start. Protests will be repeated same place same time on Saturday June 4, 2005.

Protesters will by holding banners, chanting and leafleting, and asking people to boycott circus shows which contain a great deal of cruelty.

Activists of Animal Friends, supported by many other organizations and concerned citizens, already protested against the circus Gärtner which owns over 40 animal species. The demos against it were so far held in Krizevci, Dugo Selo, Sisak, Velika Gorica, Samobor, Karlovac, Umag, Pula, Labin, and Zadar.

Sibenik doesn't need circuses with performing animals which hide the greatest man’s disrespect for the animals, therefore notorious circus Gärtner has no place in Sibenik.

There are no legal regulations regarding treatment of circus animals, their living conditions, transport and the whole range of acts they perform. Let's not forget that they are wild animals that are, naturally, not used to traveling, different climates, performing and confinement. Animals are transported in trucks too small for them, regardless of weather conditions and their natural needs. Besides the physical abuse animals suffer during training, they also live in constant stress, because they were torn away from their natural environment and forced to work in "show business." For the animals show business is the world of constant captivity and performing of difficult and pointless acts. Animals in circuses are miserable victims of man's manipulation, with their physical, social and other needs totally ignored for the sake of profit.

The majority of their lives in circuses, animals are kept in chains or locked up in confined places or their transport vehicles. They are deprived of food and water so that they wouldn't make much mess. Locked up, chained, lost, and often sedated, they spend 90% of their time waiting for training or performing. Whips, electric rods and other "tools" are often used in order to make them perform.

Circus and similar shows with animal acts have nothing to do with conservation or education. They are neither entertainment, because to watch the suffering and pointless moves taught with beating and pain can not be amusing.

We call for legal ban of circuses with performing animals, meaning that Croatian cities and the entire country join other cities and countries, e.g. Venice, Vienna, Barcelona, Greece, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, USA, Israel, and Australia where circuses with animal acts are already banned.

Also, circuses with wild animals are banned in Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, and Singapore, while some of the acts with wild animals are banned in India, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

We ask everyone to join the protests against cruelty for the sake of entertainment and profit and to let their civilizational and ethical conscience guide them to boycott circuses with performing animals.



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