02/02/23 Great Success: More than 1200 Animals Castrated for Free!

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Animal Friends Croatia successfully completed the project of free castration in earthquake-affected areas

- The Project showed that cities and counties need to subsidize castration and enable the free ones

With a total of 1,203 castrated animals, Animal Friends Croatia successfully completed the project of free castration of cats and dogs in earthquake-affected areas of Sisak-Moslavina County!

„We thank all who participated in this extraordinary project and who recognized castration as a tool of preventing unwanted cubs and pubs and preventing the suffering – the donors, the veterinary medicine doctors who castrated at favorable prices, volunteers and animal caretakers”, says Dr. med. vet. Svjetlana Prodanovi, the project leader and the coordinator of the Animal Protection Network of Animal Friends Croatia. All caretakers of cats and dogs provided pre-operative and post-operative instructions and performed recovery checks on every castrated animal. With persistent education, she was able to encourage many caretakers not to keep the animals on a chain and in cold weather, but rather for them to have access to the house even after their recovery from castration.

Animal Friends Croatia last year took on a project of free castration, that in 2021 the animal shelter Friends from akovec was carrying out successfully castrating 1,000 animals. Animal Friends Croatia one year ago initiated an action „Double Kuna for Double Salvation” in order to double the generous donation from company Astra and collected the additional 150,000 Kunas for the castration of 1,000 cats and dogs, and were successful in doing so. With the additional donation from that company, the funds were collected for the castration of even more than additional 200 animals.

Nevertheless, this must not be the only way to act, Animal Friends Croatia considers: „The Project has proved how important the castration is also for prevention of diseases and for the prevention of unwanted kittens and puppies. But it cannot be endlessly performed only thanks to companies’ and citizens’ donations”, points out the leader of the project through which caretakers’ animals and free-leaving cats were castrated.

She adds that the local communities must actively work on the implementation of the Animal Protection Act, carry out programs of castrating free-living cats and finance castrations of caretakers’ cats and dogs: „All cities and countries should follow the example of Samobor, Kutina, Vrbovec, Vara鞏in, Ernestinovo, Popova醀, Po頡ga, Lepoglava, Knin and other local self-governing units that even during previous years (co)financed the cost of cats and dogs castration. With this, the uncontrolled animal reproduction and the cities and counties save because they do not have the cost of their care.”

Taking into consideration that during the entire project timeline, the interest for free castration of Sisak-Moslavina County inhabitants is not ceasing, in 2023 the project is continued through the Harmonija Association. The castrations will continue in infirmaries in Glina, Sisak, Sunja and Petrinja and all interested can call 097 603 3132. Considering that through the years from 1,000 cats’ and dogs’ the number of off-springs can be up to 50,000 animals, it is very clear how important it is to run the project continuously and inform about the castration.

On www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr a brochure „Castration for Reduction of Cats and Cogs Abandonment” is available, as well as an application for castration of animals at favorable prices.

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