01/26/23 More than 1.2 Million Signatures Against Animal Testing Confirmed!

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Good news for animals from Brussels

- The turn is now on European Commission to pass regulations that will annually save 10 million lives

European citizens’ initiative „Save cruelty-free cosmetics – commit to a Europe without animal testing”, which in August 2021 launched Cruelty-Free Europe and other organizations, collected more than 1.2 million signatures of support!

No other citizens’ initiative has ever received this level of support in so many different countries. In order to be successful, European citizens’ initiatives must collect at least a million statements of support, which also includes the smallest number in at least seven member states. In this initiative, the threshold was exceeded in 22 countries, including Croatia with more than 12,000 signatures and this proves the enormous citizens’ support for banning animal testing.

The European Commission must now meet with the initiators of the initiative and propose the new regulations that will ensure a ban on testing. The ban on cosmetics testing on animals and the sale of such cosmetics in the European Union came into force already in 2013, however, the REACH regulation that prescribes the registration, evaluation and chemicals authorization undermines it. Because of this regulation, the ingredients used in cosmetics products are tested on animals, even those declared safe years ago. Considering that more than each year 10 million animals suffer in EU testing and the new testing technologies without animals are developed much quicker than ever before, it is time for a change.

„Days of pouring cosmetic ingredients into throats of helpless animals, a deliberate infestation of animals with exhausting diseases and drilling of holes in their sculls must end – a radical reexamination is required on the EU level in order to support the transition to non-cruel methods”, Sabrina Engel, the president of the organizational committee from the German PETA organization branch office, said.

„The citizens’ message has never been clearer and in correspondence with the statements from scientists, industry, organizations and politicians. All understand that the plan for the gradual banning of animal testing is a winning combination for people, other animals and the environment. Now the European Commission should listen to the citizens and finally make it happen”, Member of the European Parliament, Anja Hazekamp added.

The Member of the European Parliament Niels Fuglsang also agreed with them: „European citizens have been looking for cruelty-free cosmetics for a long time. This European citizens’ initiative is one more reminder for the Commission that the EU citizens will not stand by until the loopholes in regulations are closed to stop animal testing of cosmetics.”

Animal Friends Croatia thanks all the Croatian citizens who signed this historic initiative. They invite all to buy only vegan cosmetics – products that do not contain animal ingredients and whose ingredients have not been tested on animals.

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