09/16/22 Stroll on ZeGeVege, Absorb Messages of Compassion and Try Exclusively Plant Based Food and Products

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23rd and 24th of September - a celebration of sustainable living and compassionate diet of the future

- A week away until vegan fest full of positive energy and good vibrations

ZeGeVege festival, of which we can be sure is as no other, will be held 23rd and 24th of September 2022 on Ban Jelačić Square bringing joy to all eager to absorb new knowledge, lovers of good food and those who appreciate good atmosphere and incentives for positive changes.

Numerous exhibitors and restaurants at the ZeGeVege festival will exclusively offer plant-based groceries showing us that in care for survival the first choice should be the diet and that the vegan diet is – the diet of the future. Visitors will be able to taste varieties; from delicate dried oyster mushrooms, pickled sprouts, and Eastern specialties such as tempeh and chickpea tofu to vegan burgers, meatballs, as well as salami and pastes based on soy, beans, sunflower, or mushrooms.

All will be able to support various associations and incentives for animal and nature protection and enjoy the educative program, prize games, promotions and tastings. The lovers of sweet will also not be left out, with buckwheat pancakes, apple or cherry pies and raw cakes and desserts served in a compostable cup. Restaurant places will spread the smell of barbecue and exotic spices and some stalls will be exclusively for tasting. Fans of natural vegan cosmetics that were not tested on animals and healthy food supplements will be available at even several stands equipped with a wide range of such products.

Animal Friends Croatia, the organizers of this event, due to its importance for the city and entire Croatia also obtained the patronage of the City of Zagreb. They're inviting all to join them in this joyful celebration of health, environment protection and respect of all living beings: „Calculating that with the vegan diet we can reduce the carbon footprint by more than 70%, it is not strange that the vegan movement is the most popular social movement of the present day, and how important it also is in Croatia will be visible on every corner of the Zagreb Main Square on 23rd and 24th of September 2022.”

They add that the visitors will be able to absorb messages of sustainability with every step they make and will be convinced that it is not difficult at all to live by paying attention to not endanger other people, the environment and animals with your actions. Numerous 14th ZeGeVege festival participants will break down prejudices on a sustainable way of living and show that today it is possible, with minimal energy consumption, to live in harmony with nature, be compassionate towards all beings and care for the future of the World.

Climate changes, global warming, daily extinction of thousands of animal and plant species, the greenhouse effect, acid rain, floods and the emergence of new diseases are connected to our habit of eating meat and other animal products. Events that promote a sustainable lifestyle and veganism are big steps in educating the general population. At ZeGeVege this education is brought with fine food and good company. Besides that, ZeGeVege is almost the only festival where waste is sorted, so from the very first Festival, even before the legal ban, participants are prohibited from using single-use plastic packaging and plastic bags.

Animal Friends Croatia invites all to the rich program of the 14th ZeGeVege festival and to view the exhibitor and other participants' details on the website www.zegevege.com and on Facebook page of the ZeGeVege festival: www.facebook.com/ZeGeVegeFestival.

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