08/31/22 Voting against animal testing ends at midnight

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The last day to vote against animal testing of cosmetics in the EU

-One year of the European citizens' initiative: more than a million votes against the experiment

More than one million citizens of the European Union have signed the European citizens' initiative "Save cruelty-free cosmetics - commit to a Europe free from animal testing" and thus called on the European Commission to support and strengthen the already existing ban on animal testing. The initiative was launched because animals are still being tested, despite the current ban. The tests are carried out for the REACH Regulation, which regulates the registration, evaluation and authorization of dangerous substances and the restrictions that apply to them. This undermines the Regulation on cosmetic products, which declared a ban on testing.

Animal Friends Croatia, who have been collecting signatures in Croatia since August 31 last year, point out that every vote is crucial and invite everyone to get involved more than ever on the last day of the initiative and invite everyone who knows to leave their signature at https://eci.ec.europa.eu/019/public/#/screen/home.

“What if we told you that thirty seconds of your time could save millions from a life of agony? Although it sounds unbelievable, it’s true. Just remember the success of the 'End the cage age' initiative! It was the first successful citizens' initiative for animal welfare in the European Union, and thanks to all the signatories of that initiative, starting in 2027, millions of animals will no longer spend their entire lives in cages in industrial farming. Now is the time to start a revolution for the animals that suffer in experiments for cosmetics!" they declare in the call.

Animals born in laboratories spend their lives in cramped cages and die in terrible agony. Groups of animals are given different doses of substances by forced feeding, injection, or inhalation. Most often, these are extremely painful tests that cause long-term pain, paralysis, and bleeding from the eyes and mouth.

"Experiments on animals are not only ethically unacceptable and completely unnecessary, but also scientifically unreliable. It is incomprehensible that we still rely on the results obtained by primitive and barbaric experimentation on animals, with numerous sophisticated and scientifically accurate non-animal testing methods available," added Animal Friends Croatia. They thank everyone who has already asked the European Commission to commit to submitting a legislative proposal that will contain a plan for the gradual abolition of all animal testing in the EU before the end of the current session of the European Parliament.

The European Citizens' Initiative can be signed here and more information on animal cruelty can be found here. Vegan cosmetics, which have not been tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin, will be found at the stands of numerous exhibitors at the 14th ZeGeVege festival on September 23 and 24, 2022, on Ban Jelačić Square.

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