07/05/22 To people, zoo is a brief entertainment, and for animals, suffering until death

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With new billboards, Animal Friends Croatia continues to advocate for the necessary transformation of zoos

- Visiting zoos is watching mentally ill captive animals for the purpose of brief entertainment

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Very few remain indifferent to the shocking visual with a powerful message: „To people, the zoo is only a brief entertainment. To animals, the zoo is permanent suffering until death. The time is for the transformation.” The posters of Animal Friends Croatia in Zagreb, Varaždin, Pula, Rijeka, Split and Zadar are the continuation of the “Avoid the zoo” campaign that invites citizens to educate themselves about the reality of zoos. Last year Animal Friends Croatia, with posters, told everyone to avoid zoos, and in May this year pointed out that we all pay for the suffering of animals in zoos, even if we do not visit them, because cities spend millions on the upkeep of these animal torture centers.

„We remind that it is wrong to keep sentient beings in captivity where they are trapped all their lives in few square meters, and that only so that people can experience a brief time of entertainment. If we forced a man to spend his lifetime only in an elevator, everyone would be disgusted and consider such a thing cruel and monstrous. It is the time that zoos are transformed so that this primitive, voyeuristic and grotesque treatment of animals ends forever,” Animal Friends Croatia points out.

They explain that visitors are not aware that their Sunday visit to the zoo is observing mentally ill animals, which cannot show their natural behavior in an unnatural environment: „The appearance of their enclosures is usually focused on the visitors’ experience and not on the welfare of the animals. The lack of privacy and mental stimulation leads them to mental disorders, zoochosis. We often see their aimless walking around their dwelling and going crazy from boredom, pacing back and forth, self-injuring, swaying from one side to the other, vomiting, etc. In order to conceal that the animals’ psyche has suffered, in some cases, the employees give them tranquilizers.”

The Association also states that visitors to zoos go home without thinking too much about the tragic fate of captive animals, who become pale shadows of themselves in captivity. Zoos also hide from the public the other dark secrets – hyperproduction of animals, their killing, resale and further torture of new generations of innocent prisoners. Zoos are neither sanctuaries nor reserves for animals. Researches confirm that they neither adequately educate about their needs nor their way of life and do not encourage visitors' interest in the conservation of animal species. Therefore, imprisoning animals will not help their species, but we can save them only by preserving their habitats and them in habitats.

Animal Friends Croatia advocates for the transformation of the zoos as being the future of this outdated institution, which will lead to the abolition of animal suffering: „Modern attractions are educational and interesting because technology today provides incredible opportunities such as virtual display in the real animal habitat, without the cost of food, cleaning and dwellings. Aside from that, all over the world, there are already interactive museums, research and science centers, spaces dedicated to environmental education, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.” The Association invites everyone to contribute to this transformation by not visiting the zoos.

More about the campaign for the transformation of the zoos and poster visuals can be found at www.zaobidi.net.

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