12/08/21 Animals shouldn't be a Christmas present

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Animal Friends is calling for thoughtful adoption instead of holiday animal purchases

Puppies from a shelter Pobjede [ 170.14 Kb ]

- Devastating research results: More than 10,000 dogs and cats are abandoned in Croatia every year!

The Animal Friends Association made a large analysis of the implementation of the Animal Protection Act in Croatia, which, among other things, showed a huge number of abandonments of animals.

"Unfortunately, we have received confirmation that more than 10,000 dogs and cats are abandoned in Croatia every year, which is shocking! These are only official data that we have collected from local self-government units, which does not include a large number of dogs and cats that are cared for by associations and individuals, ”explains Animal Friends. They add that buying animals directly worsens the already difficult situation and appeals to everyone not to buy, but to adopt dogs and cats.

We reiterate that abandoned animals are the result of the irresponsibility and callousness of individuals! If you are thinking of buying an animal for yourself, a family member, or a friend during this pre-holiday period, please do not do so. No creature should be rejected because someone didn't like the gift or was fed up with it after a while, ”Animal Friends points out. They state that it is important to change consciousness and understand that animals are not things, so they should not be the subject of trade and a hasty gift.

If you have the conditions to care for an animal, adopt a dog or cat from a shelter or from animal welfare associations to save the life of both the adopted animal and the one who gets her place in the shelter. All family members should make an informed decision and be ready to take care of the adopted animal for the next 15 to 20 years, both when they go on vacation and when they need to pay for castration, vaccination and treatment ", the Association emphasizes, calling for responsibility.

"Let this holiday season encourage you to visit one of the many shelters to meet sentient beings who are waiting for their man with boundless patience and faith, someone who will see in them a new family member. Their love and gratitude, which they will show for the rest of their lives, cannot be measured by the value of money because love is not bought, ”said Animal Friends.
They also invite those who are not thinking about fostering to share on their social media posts about animals looking for a home, visit a shelter, donate some of their time to abandoned animals, take them for a walk, become a godfather to one of them or simply treat them to a toy or a treat.

"Adoption is a truly noble act while buying animals supports the ruthless pet market. The shelters are flooded with large numbers of dogs of all ages, sizes, colors and personalities, and all are under veterinary care and ready for adoption. If everyone chose foster care instead of buying, all the shelters would be empty. Help make that happen, ”Animal Friends concludes.

Puppies in a shelter - source: www.ziher.hr [ 57.99 Kb ]



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