10/14/20 Luka, Ivana and Dora: Castrate cats, they will be healthier and live longer!

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Celebrities support the campaign "Dogs and cats don’t know how to add, but they know how to breed!"

- Uncontrolled reproduction: One cat can produce 420,000 in seven years

Last month, many were attracted by the cute visuals of the posters with the intriguing message “Dogs and cats don’t know how to add, but they know how to breed!” It is part of the Animal Friends Croatia campaign which vividly warns of over-breeding of dogs and cats, which is the main cause of animal abandonment. The association warns that in seven years only one cat and its offspring can give birth to as many as 420,000 kittens! Therefore, this valuable initiative was supported by well-known cat foster parents - Luka Budak, Ivana Kindl, and Dora Lipov醀n, who are well aware that love for animals includes responsibility.

Luka Budak from the popular show "Marriage at First Sight" has already shown a big heart for animals by participating in the summer campaign of Animal Friends Croatia with Ingrid Divkovi, when the slogan "Find love at first sight in a shelter!" called for the adoption of abandoned animals instead of purchasing. He says that a large number of unwanted puppies and kittens end tragically, so castration is a necessary part of responsible care for animals: “Mrma, the beauty I had the opportunity to adopt three years ago, is a true symbol of love. She is a queen like any cat who is given love and a home. As a veterinary technician, I am aware of the problems posed today by cats that have not been neutered and are, in addition, abandoned. That's why I support the Animal Friends Croatia initiative, which raises awareness and educates people about the importance of castrating our four-legged family members.”

Singer Ivana Kindl participated in the Animal Friends Croatia campaign with her cat Woody 11 years ago and said that castration saves animals. Woody died 10 months ago and Ivana has remained a tireless and caring cat rescuer all these years. She states that he has loved cats since he was a child: “I currently have three of them at home plus a few street cats outside that I take care of. The oldest and brightest, Muki, is nine years old and was left on the street. Then the black Cica appeared in the neighborhood one spring. Dragica, the color of a turtle, is six months old. She was rescued from the street and I picked her up from the kiosk where a good lady worked and found her. Muki and Cica were castrated and Dragica will go through the process. And the cats I have outside have been neutered.” She points out how important it is to be responsible: “It is important to be aware of the fact that castration prevents unwanted litters, especially cats on the street that often end tragically or become infected. This prevents the possibility of disease transmission, there are fewer abandoned cats, which also affects the general health of cats. All my mice are healthy and full of energy and appetite.”

Actress Dora Lipov醀n, who currently shares her life with 19-year-old Dina, also has a long history of caring for cats: “She is my fifth cat and I neutered them all when they were still young and when it is recommended. As a long-time cat carer, I have witnessed various sad situations regarding uncastrated cats and it is hard for me to understand why some people avoid this procedure, even though it guarantees cats a longer, happier, and healthier life. When you consider that a single cat can do damage that volunteers try to repair for months in just a few days, the castration of male cats is equally important. Neither male nor female cats lose anything with this procedure and it helps to reduce the huge number of cats waiting to be adopted.” Finally, he appeals: "Please castrate your cats. This is the most you can do for them and their health. Volunteers who have been dealing with the consequences of human irresponsibility and saving cat lives for years will be grateful.”

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