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As the Croatian Ambassador of World Animal Day, I want to welcome you all so much.

I am so happy that we gathered here to celebrate this special day and pay tribute to the animals we share our lives with.

I am especially happy that so many animal rights organizations have come together today, who are the real bearers of the change in people's awareness of animals, and who, through their work and sacrifice, are on the front line of the fight for better animal conditions in the world.

Except for our pets that we share our lives with, this is also the day to cherish all the abandoned animals, of which there are thousands in Croatia and tens of millions in the world.

Despite our excellent legislation in Croatia, I’m sorry to say that regulations concerning the abuse, neglect and abandonment of animals are not carried out consistently and criminal offenses are rarely pronounced. Animal shelters and associations are full of abandoned animals.

That's why I invite all those who are thinking about extending their families to a new hairy member to visit the nearest shelter or animal welfare association and to adopt a dog or cat, instead of buying it. Adopting an animal is extremely noble and a gesture of high social values. So, don't buy animals.

This is also the day of all the animals we never see, who spend their short lives on farms and come to our houses in the form of a steak or a bottle of milk.

I invite you to remember them today and live compassionately with all beings.

Organized by Animal Friends Croatia today is a Vegan picnic where you can have delicious meals for which no animal was killed.

We thank the City of Zagreb and the City Office for Agriculture for organizing and catering this event.

Thanks for coming.

Love animals and live compassionately.

mag. iur. Ivana Lunka, coordinator of the Animal Protection Network

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