04/22/03 Circus' Protests Continue

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Under the slogan "YES to Circus, NO to Animal Acts," today, on Tuesday, April 22, at 4:30 P.M. before the first performance of the circus Embell Riva, Animal Friends continues with the protests against the cruelty of animals in circus acts. With this protest, Animal Friends is trying to draw the attention of citizens and the public to the suffering those animals have to endure all their lives.

High wire act and burning hoops are no fun!

"We don't agree that animals should be trained to perform tricks. We prefer giving this task to people," says Pierre Parisien from the renewed troup Cirque du Soleil from Quebec who developed a circus renaissance around the world. "Those are animals, not performers. They should be in jungle," says art director of the troup. "We are against the method in which those animals are trained and I'm not so sure that it is necessary that those elephants and tigers have to spend half of their lives in cages performing tricks around the world," he explained. "We are not going to have animals in our shows anymore," he added.

If Vienna and Venice can do it, so can Zagreb

Encouraged by the examples of numerous cities around the world, Animal Friends has sent a request for the banning of circuses with animal acts in Zagreb to its mayor Vlasta Pavic and to the City Government - the same request has been sent to over 20 cities in Croatia on behalf of Animal Friends.

The petition for the banning of circuses with animal acts is being signed in all cities where there are Animal Friends branches, as well as on the Animal Friends' web site, and the petition is going to be handed to city authorities together with the request for the banning of the circus.

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