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European Law

The fundamental rights and freedoms outlined in the UDHR have been implemented in different ways across the globe. Various treaties, declarations, directives and conventions of the European Union have evolved these ideas and provided for what is now known as the principle of non-discrimination.

In Europe the principle of non-discrimination means that you have rights as a consumer of goods and services and in your place of work. These rights have evolved and derive from the European Convention on Human Rights. The more recent Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms protects a vegan from unfair treatment as a result of being vegan. As a minority group vegans can also claim rights under Acts relating to the protection of minorities.

You can read the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities here.

Under the terms of the ECHR all member states have a duty to prevent discrimination and under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty to eliminate inequalities.

What is outlawed:

You are also protected from any unwanted conduct which:

Veganism was recognised as a belief for the purposes of human rights legislation as far back as 1993 (H v United Kingdom, also known as W. v United Kingdom. See "Court Cases"). It is time to build on this and campaign for our rights as vegans. Please read our manifesto.

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Published: February, 2016


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