10 Ways You Can Help End Dog Fighting

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Much like factory farming, dog fighting is an abuse that goes on behind closed doors and that people from various backgrounds may participate in it.

As Matthew Bershadker, president and CEO of the ASPCA, writes, "Lawyers, judges, teachers, high school football coaches and veterinary technicians have all been arrested in connection to dog fighting. People involved in dog fighting also span racial and socioeconomic boundaries."

This diverse participation highlights the fact that dog fights are not isolated incidents – they are often planned events which people consciously involve themselves in. What's more, dog fighting is a criminal activity and is marked by cruelty from start to finish.

Dogs, mostly pit bull-type canines, are subjected to drug use, beatings, neglect, and even starvation to be trained into becoming aggressive fighters. Once these dogs enter the fighting pit, they suffer terrible injuries including stripped skin, deep gashes, and broken bones. If a dog does not perform well or loses, trainers have been known to kill their previously "prized" dogs by hanging, drowning, shooting or electrocution.

In addition to animal abuse, other crimes surround the dog fighting world including theft, drug use or possession, illegal weapons, illegal gambling, and even homicide, in some cases, according to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Dog fighting is a serious crime and, without the help of caring citizens, it cannot be stopped. Learn how you can take action to end cruel dog fights by following one (or all) of the 10 steps at the link here.

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Image source: Ildar Sagdejev / Wikipedia Commons

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