10/03/02 Laboratory Animals Protection Day

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Animal Friends has started an action of collecting information about cosmetic products and cleansers in Croatian stores. The information we are looking for is whether or not the companies in any way test their products on animals. The list of a lot of products has been completed and will be presented on the Laboratory Animals Protection Day.

Our plan is to inform the consumers about the products that cause pain to the animals.

Distributors, producers and importers have been contacted because we wanted to make a completely correct list. We hope that it will put some sense to the consumers and that they'll stop using products tested on animals. Some of our producers test their products on animals and we hope that we will convince them to stop testing on animals.


At 11 A.M. on Starcevic Square the fair of vegetarian food and ethical cosmetics will begin and some producers will be presenting vegetarian food and cosmetics, which aren't tested on animals.

At 12 noon the list of products and producers in Croatia (Starcevic Square) will be presented. The stands will be placed there until October 19.

At 6 P.M. in the club MAMA in Preradoviceva ulica 18 will be presented the film about the alternative educational methods, that is using those methods that avoide animal pain and suffering.


On September 30 the Animal Friends Days 2002 begun, and would be held every year at this time. The Animal Friends Days will include all the important dates.

We have received a lot of positive reactions. People are sending to us a lot of e-mails with their support. We are collecting many signatures for our petitions, and more and more people are joining in our organization.

We have a record of about 400 hits on our web site in one day, with hundreds of visits in other days.

A lot of people participate in our competitions and especially visited are our lists with the products which are tested and which are not tested on the animals.

Last year we were a new organization with our goals and programs unknown to the public. It is unbelievable how already this year so many people are interested in our work and are willing to participate in protection of animal rights and vegetarianism.

Please visit our program on October 3 and come to the presentation of the list of products at 12 A.M. on Starcevic Square by the entrance to the Importane Center. Also, do not forget about the projection of the film in the club MAMA at 6 P.M.



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