02/05/14 Fashion Can Live without Fur, Animals Can't

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Djurdjica Vorkapic in the campaign "For Croatia without Fur" organized by Animal Friends

- Famous Croatian fashion designer invites everyone to create innovative fashion without animal fur

Following the Croatian model Petra Friganovic, who has joined the project "Fur Free Retailers," fashion designer Djurdjica Vorkapic has called for the removal of all fur from the fashion industry. Her work is known not only for its inventiveness and creativity, but also for its clear vision of fashion, in which there is no place for clothing made of animal fur or leather.

In this year's campaign by Animal Friends - "For Croatia without Fur" - Djurdjica Vorkapic from Hippy Garden appears on billboards that will be placed in a number of Croatian cities, appealing to her colleagues in the fashion industry: "Fashion can live without fur, animals can't." Beside her, faces featured on the billboards include rabbits and a chinchilla. The chinchilla was abandoned two years ago, while the rabbits lived in miserable conditions and are now looking for a comfortable home and responsible guardians. Djurdjica is a vegetarian and guardian of a dog called Barika.

Every year more than 75 million dogs, cats, chinchillas, seals, foxes, rabbits, and other animals are killed for the production of fur coats and accessories for the fashion industry. These deaths are utterly unnecessary and the agony of these animals is immense. Born on fur farms, they suffer a life of captivity in small, dirty cages until they are killed by means of electroshock, neck breaking, or gassing, while those hunted in the wild may die for days caught in traps. Beside being obtained at the cost of agonizing deaths, fur is not ecological, since natural resources such as drinking water are mercilessly squandered in its production and dangerous chemicals are released into nature.

Djurdjica Vorkapic explains her engagement for the animals used and killed for fur with the following words: "The world of fashion is a world of creation. Our modern world implies various forms of progress and likes to boast with innovation, but it can hardly be called progressive and even less innovative to use someone's fur in today's civilized society in order to produce a design object. To create means to make things out of one's deepest inner being, to extract something beautiful from oneself and to give it a form. Today's industry offers a huge number of technical possibilities to produce fabric, including beautiful faux fur, and it is indeed backward and primitive to take someone's life for one's personal pleasure."

There are a number of stores in Croatia and throughout the world that refuse to use animal fur, and their list can be found on the website of Animal Friends and at www.furfreeretailer.com. The project "Fur Free Retailers," which has so far been joined by fashion brands such as Hippy Garden, Boudoir, Esprit, Image Haddad, H&M, and many others, is part of the campaign "For Croatia without Fur" in collaboration with Fur Free Alliance.

Animal Friends and Hippy Garden invite all Croatian fashion brands to join the project "Fur Free Retailers" and to reject animal fur forever. Djurdjica Vorkapic sends the following message to her fellow designers: "Create with your heart. Do not reach for something that does not belong to you; do not claim the right to do something that you wouldn't like to be done to you. Instead, raise the awareness, as that is the only way for the human mind to triumph.

As of January 1, 2007, the Croatian Animal Protection Act has prohibited fur farms with a transition period of ten years, and the next goal of our campaign "For Croatia without Fur" is to ban the sale of clothing and footwear made of animal fur.

Photographs and billboards "Fashion Can Live without Fur, Animals Can't" are the work of photographer Mare Milin, photo-editor Marija Matijasec, designer Maja Zaklan from Zale Design Studio, makeup artist Nives Spajic, and hair stylist Marina Milic. The animals featured in the campaign live at the shelter of animal association Mrkvica."

The project has been launched in collaboration with Fur Free Alliance and sponsored by the Zagreb City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, Zale, Avalon hosting, Vektor Grupa, Europlakat, and Arto.

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