11/02/02 Stop the Torture

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The continuation of the campaign against testing on animals

Animal Friends continues with the campaign against testing on animals, promoting an ethical list of firms which don't test their products on animals as well as informing us about the terrible pain which animals have to go through unnecessary.

Every year millions of animals all over the world are exposed to intensive pain caused by testing cosmetics or their ingredient on them.

Rabbits, guinea-pigs, rats, and other small animals are used for testing the safety of the product, poisoning them with cosmetics, cleansers, and similar products. The most often reactions are: convulsions, vomiting, paralyze, and different kinds of bleeding-nose, eye, and mouth hole. Angora rabbits are used for draize testing: they pour the acid in their eyes and the result of the experiment is bleeding, ruined eyes.

During skin irritation tests the animals fur is shaved off (back). After that they pour concentrated chemical on the animal and wait for a few days for the result. Companies with those tests gain the "approval" about the safety, which they use as an excuse if there are possible law sues. That's how they can test any product on any animal and get the "safety approval."

That's why we are inviting you to stop the torture, because the most important and the most successful influence of the consumers is boycotting unwanted products and choosing ethical products.

Testing based on animals belongs to the past, the dark age of science and today supported by the minority of inertial scientists.

Ethical companies that don't test their products on animals are repressing the ones that won't take full responsibility for the quality of products inflicting pain upon.

There are hundreds of firms that don't test their products on animals. Those companies have to take full responsibility of possible damages to the consumer, so that's why they will have to worn about all the risks.

This weekend the activists of the society will be visiting Dubrovnik (November 2) and Split (November 3). There will be organized public lectures, projections and a meeting with all the people interested in the work of the society and founding of new sections for the benefit of animals on the Croatian territory.

The program in Dubrovnik starts on Saturday (November 2) at 8:30 P.M. in the club "Otok" in Ulica Pobijana 8, and in Split on Sunday (November 3) 4 P.M. in the Economic faculty in Ulica Matice hrvatske 31.

We will work on the promotion of the List of products, which we composed while the campaign against testing on animals was running. On our web site you can find a list of products that are tested on animals and a list of ones that aren't tested on animals.

You can see new billboards about this campaign.




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