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Zoophilia (bestiality) or sodomy is experiencing sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse with animals. This weirdness is clearly forbidden by law in some European countries, whilst in others, such as Croatia, this aspect of animal abuse is not legally regulated. During the making of the Animal Protection Act in 2006, Animal Friends suggested that sexual intercourse with animals should be prohibited by law, however, this suggestion was declined with arguments stating that this problem is not common enough in Croatia to warrant legal prohibition. It was said that animals are protected in wider context by general provision of the law which forbids "force animals into a behavior that causes them pain, suffering, injury or fear" (Article 4, paragraph 2, point 12 of the Animal Protection Act). However, the said provision in context of zoophilia is open to double meaning and misuse because zoophiles will claim, exploiting natural animal instincts, that the animal wasn’t forced into a sexual act, but wanted this herself, and that during the act it didn't feel pain, suffering, injury and fear. That is why there is a need for this practice to be clearly and unequivocally forbidden by the law, so that any such act can be sanctioned.

The ruling coalition in Germany has, despite expected resistance from zoophiles, at the end of 2012 prepared the adoption of a ban on sexual intercourse with animals. The proposal of the new law anticipates fines of up to 25,000 Euros if an animal is forced into "an activity which is not typical for their kind." The Minister of Agriculture Ilse Aigner agreed to prohibit by law people from "using animals for their own sexual activities or sexual acts of third persons," which also bans "pimping" animals to others.

Sexual intercourse with animals is banned in many European countries, including Holland, France and Switzerland. In Great Britain the law had been changed in 2003, when the maximum sentence of serving life was reduced to two years.

Considering the fact that sexual intercourse with animals is banned by law also in Germany, and in Croatia animals are not in any way protected of this kind of practice, we think it is imperative that this problem becomes regulated by the Animal Protection Act. We suggest that the provision "It is forbidden to use animals for personal sexual activities or sexual acts of third persons" be included in the law, article 4.

This proposal from Animal Friends for this change in the Animal Protection Act is from the year 2012.

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