12/27/10 Request for Review of the Decision on Approval of the Working of the Veterinary Station Sisak Shelter

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Veterinary Office
Department of Animal Protection
Department head Ms. Branka Bukovic Sosic
Hotel International, Miramarska 24
10000 Zagreb

December 27, 2010

Subject: Request for review of the decision on approval of the working of the Veterinary Station Sisak shelter, owned by Djuro Bugarin.

Dear Ms. Sosic,

Based on already taken legal actions by the County State Attorney's Office in Sisak on the occasion of a series of misdemeanor committed by the owner and the person responsible for the Veterinary Station Sisak Djuro Bugarin on the activities of the shelter for abandoned animals, we request a revision of the existing decision.

Until the conclusion to mentioned administrative proceedings we also would ask that you to straight away prohibit the work of the shelter for the time being, because of the seriousness of the offense for which the responsible person and the owner Djuro Bulgarian is being accused, but also because of the potential of repeating those acts.

According to our findings this is based, except in the above mentioned, in a series of failures in the work of veterinary inspectors who are authorized to implement the supervision of the Veterinary Station Sisak, although they were repeatedly warned through numerous complaints by citizens'about these failures. Thus also they violated applicable legal regulations.

Thus, with reference to Article 123 paragraph 1 item 1 and 2 and paragraph 2 Item 1 of the Law on Administrative Procedure we request you to start a renewal of the process of giving work permit to the Veterinary Station Sisak from the reasons stated above.

Kindly inform us in writing about your further actions.


Luka Oman

Copies to:

  1. MAFRD – Veterinary Department
    Mr. sc. Sanja Separovic, director
    Hotel International, Miramarska 24
    10000 Zagreb
  2. MAFRD – Department for veterinary inspection
    Mr. sc. Gordan Jerbic, director
    Hotel International, Miramarska 24
    10000 Zagreb

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