07/21/10 Killing Because of Wrinkles

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Animal Friends protests against testing botox on animals

- Marking of July 21 - Day of Fighting Animal Experiments, anniversary of liberating the beagles

Animal Friends invites the public to mark the Day of Fighting Animal Experiments, and as part of it warns about the cruel practice of testing botox on animals for the sake of removing wrinkles. Animal Friends, as member of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), joins the international campaign to ban horrible testing of botox on animals.

Treatments using botox, a nerv toxin which is, in addition to medical purposes, used widely for cosmetic purposes, are more present in Croatia. It is a paradox because botox not only has a short-term effect on existing wrinkles, it actually causes new wrinkles, creating a magic circle, continuously hurting animals to test botox.

Pain and death of thousands of animals, who are subjected to enormous suffering for beauty, or short-term removing of wrinkles, are the background of testing botox.

Originally meant to be a means of treating some medical problems, botox has become popular primarily for its cosmetic uses. A product which is used for cosmetic purposes is tested on animals, although testing cosmetic products on animals is banned. It is terrible that each new batch of botox is tested on animals separately, so casulties of beauty are counted in thousands of painful deaths.

Animals die in horrible pains in the infamous toxicity test, LD50 test, which has been banned in many countries. In the LD50 test animals are given different doses of toxin, by force feeding, injecting or inhaling, until 50 per cent of the animals die, in order to establish the lethal dose. This extremely painful test causes dreadful longlasting pains, paralysis and bleeding from the eyes and the mouth. It has been severely criticized and is considered unscientific even by the scientists themselves.

Therefore on Wednesday, July 21, at 11 A.M., Animal Friends activists will show a performance in which their faces will be covered in botox injections, in order to inform the public about the terrible tests carried out behind the walls of laboratories. Citizens will also get more information at the info stall, as well as a chance to sign the petition started by the Doctors Against Animal Experiments organization, which demands that testing botox on animals be banned and available and more humane methods be introduced. The petition can also be signed at www.animal-friends-croatia.org.

Animal Friends invites citizens not to use botox until animal testing stops, but also to buy products which are less invasive, more efficient, and, more importantly, more ethical because they have not been tested on animals. You can find the list of companies which do not test their products on animals, the so-called white list, on the Animal Friends web site.

You can see a video on botox at www.animal-friends-croatia.org, as well as the Animal Friends YouTube channel.

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