10/12/09 Circuses are not Allowed to Exhibit Animals

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Animal Friends continues with protests and submits additional reports

With the aim of animal rights and protection, education of the public and implementation of the Animal Protection Act, Animal Friends continues with the protests and submits additional reports, pointing out that circus Safari is not allowed to exhibit animals.

In its report, Animal Friends says: "From granting the questionable Permit for performance of the circus Safari, this legal person violates the number of positively-legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia: against Article 3 paragraph (26) of the Animal Protection Act (Official Gazette No. 135/06) and against Article 105 paragraph (1) of the Nature Protection Act (Official Gazette No. 70/05) both domestic and wild animals in its possession are exposed to the public (under the name 'ZOO', and charging their visits), in addition violating Article 32 of the Veterinary Law (Official Gazette No. 41/07) because these animal exhibits are without the control and supervision of the veterinary inspection."

Animal Friends appeals to those who consider visiting this circus with animals to be aware and compassionate towards the animals, which will soon start to suffer from chillness. Join the majority of the public who chooses more humane entertainment.

Demo in front of the circus Safari [ 88.35 Kb ]Demo in front of the circus Safari [ 115.26 Kb ]Demo in front of the circus Safari [ 125.04 Kb ]Demo in front of the circus Safari [ 87.65 Kb ]

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