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As a result of ever-increasing number of complaints by citizens, desperate from the terror their pets go through each year, veterinarians and other staff from Veterinarian Clinic for Small Animals Feliks Virovitica have started, as early as of January 2018, a petition to ban using pyrotechnic substances of all categories during the entire year (except for the cases of organized and announced use such as city day celebration) in order to protect wild and domestic animals from injuries and death, and also prevent injuries of children and adults and ensure everyone's safety.

Animal Friend organization welcomes this initiative and invites citizens from all municipalities and cities to, following city of Virovitica's good example, sign a petition to ban firecrackers and other loud pyrotechnic articles.

The petition appeals to the Ministry of the Interior to make urgent amendments to the Explosive Substances Act and ban the use of pyrotechnic articles categorized as F2 and F3 throughout the year, including the period from December 27 to January 1. If such prohibition is not imposed, it is necessary that the same law as soon as possible allows cities and municipalities to pronounce a ban on their territory. That way, mayors and municipality chiefs could, by the end of this year, protect animals, children and adults from the consequences of using firecrackers.

Petition to Ban Firecrackers

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