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12/22/2023 Vegan Commercial To Air Before New "Wonka" Movie

For what’s thought to be the first time ever, a vegan commercial will air before a major Hollywood film at movie theaters across the United States. The commercial from Eat Differently will be shown before the new Wonka film in 1,800 movie theaters. Directed by BAFTA winner Alex Lockwood, it encourages people to adopt a plant-based diet. In the new film, Wonka (played by Timothée Chalamet) puts a new spin on the iconic “Pure Imagination” song. Building on that theme, the commercial asks viewers to imagine a world where people eat plants not animals.

12/13/2023 The Commission proposes new rules to improve animal welfare

The European Commission has proposed the biggest reform of EU rules on animal welfare during transport in 20 years. The package includes a reform that will improve the welfare of the 1.6 billion animals that are transported in and out of the Union each year. Also, the new rules on the welfare of dogs and cats will for the first time establish uniform EU standards for the breeding, housing and treatment of dogs and cats in breeding facilities, pet trade and shelters. Finally, further steps were proposed in connection with the European citizens' initiative "For a Europe without fur", which calls for a ban on the breeding of animals for fur at the EU level and the sale of products containing such fur on the single market.

The number of news found: 2.

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