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03/14/2024 Historic decision: whoever abandons the animal goes to prison!

Parliament today voted on the final proposal for amendments to the Criminal Code, which, among other things, introduces a new criminal offense - abandoning animals! Whoever abandons a domestic animal, a pet, a farmed wild animal and another animal that should be kept under supervision shall be punished by imprisonment for up to one year. If, on the other hand, the death of an animal was caused by the abandonment or a large number of animals were abandoned, the perpetrator will be punished with imprisonment for up to two years. The Ministry of Justice and Administration also accepted the Association's proposal and introduced a new security measure into the Penal Code - a measure prohibiting keeping and acquiring animals, for a period of one out of five years. An additional reason for celebration is the increase in penalties for inflicting unnecessary pain on animals or exposing them to unnecessary suffering, as well as for killing and severely abusing animals - previously, the maximum sentence could be up to one year in prison, but now it will be up to two years. If these crimes are committed out of self-interest, the perpetrator will be able to receive a prison sentence of up to three years instead of the previous two.

The number of news found: 1.

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